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UI (User Interface) Trends For 2023 That's Hot

As technology advances at an ever-increasing pace, the user interface (UI) design industry is constantly evolving. By 2023, the UI design field will be very different from what we currently know. To make sure you, as a UI designer, stay ahead of the curve and create innovative designs, here are some of the top UI trends you should watch out for in 2023.

Emotional Design:

Beautiful design helps to establish a close connection with target customers. "Live" details help to evoke feelings of a different nature, certain reactions, attracting more attention and making it easier to further sell. For this trend, you need to use a bright color scheme to highlight the main parts of the UI/UX section. For example, the style of the 90s can evoke pleasant memories and nostalgia. The idea can be used to send back to the past using modern developments.

Depending on the product or service the business is trying to sell, this design can be a great visual solution, but it often takes form over function. Emotions actually change the way the human brain operates as people look for products that are not just simple to use but a joy to use.

Voice User Interfaces:

Voice user interfaces (VUIs) are expected to become a popular trend in 2023. VUIs allow users to interact with products using voice commands, making it easier for users to complete tasks. Companies are already creating VUIs for their products and are expected to continue to do so in 2023.

Use of AI in UI Design:

AI is already being used in UI design, and in 2023, it is expected to become even more. A website, a landing page, an app are the points of contact between user and the product, and the more convenient and “user friendly” they are, the higher the perfection and loyalty of users. However, in search of original solutions, designers are increasingly turning to artificial intelligence which helps to save time and energy and provide fats results. AI analyzes the elements, the arrangement of figures, images and, based on the analysis, creates a finished file.

Dark Futuristic/Space Interface

The dark interface has evolved into something more than just being able to choose a "night/dark theme". The combination of OLED and dark theme helps to increase the battery life of a smartphone or laptop, and other devices. Many large companies are already using dark UI/UX designs in their products. The popularity of such functionality will increase in 2023 and beyond. In addition, some provide the ability to choose a design in dark colors, the person himself will be able to choose the most pleasing interface for his eyes.

Giant Typography

Giant typography is a noticeable and strong trend today. It is mainly used on websites because of the large screen resolutions to create a minimalist/brutal/cool mood. Huge typography is often paired with full-screen photos and prominent animations.

We have so many great font sources right now, from free ones like Google Fonts and Font Share to lots of great premium fonts like Gilroy, Circular Std, Mont, Axiforma, Nexa, Galano.

Increased Use of Motion Design:

Motion design is a visual technique used to emphasize certain elements on the user interface and create a more engaging experience. Due to the influence of TikTok, Instagram* and animated content that users consume on a daily basis, people's attention spans are increasingly declining.

In the past, creating animation for websites and apps was quite difficult. Development teams had to constantly make trade-offs between animation quality, site speed, and app size.

With the evolution of network bandwidth and the advent of libraries like Lottie Files, designers can create beautiful animations without sacrificing speed and efficiency.

In 2023, motion design is expected to become more popular with UI designers using it to emphasize certain features, draw attention to certain elements, or give users visual cues. To keep people's attention, designers should use animation and try to breathe life into static screens and images so that they immerse a person in a virtual environment as much as possible.

More Natural User Interfaces:

Clean minimalist design is always a surefire solution. In 2023, UI designers will be expected to create more natural user interfaces. This means creating user interfaces that look and feel like their natural counterparts. For example, apps that look like a physical book or a real-life object.


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