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Visual Design Tendencies in 2021

What to should we expect in 2021 when it comes to visual tendencies? Concepts like remote work and social distancing are be a big part of the trends. 2021’ s most popular visuals graphics will be highly influenced by the retro illustrations, the new technological advances, and humans’ consciousness towards nature.

We’ll see how technological development meets the retro aesthetics to create courageous and memorable designs.

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3D Design

3D started design to gain popularity a few years ago, and this year they’ve become a major trend. Technological advances have encouraged the emergence of innovative techniques that make it possible to create high-quality 3D spaces.

Most 3D compositions feature colorful and geometric shapes that challenge designers’ creativity to create impossible scenarios where styles from the past join the newest trends.

Flat Cartoon

Cartoon designs add a playful look to 2021. Cartoons are multifunctional and provide designers with a vast scope for creativity. This trend is reminiscent of the cartoon style of the ‘20s, which means that retro-vintage cartoons seem to be all the rage these days.

It opposes somehow the minimalistic and clean compositions of technology-driven techniques, like graphic design. The cartoon style is playful and entertaining, letting the user have fun.

Since they are fun and original compositions, they work very well in packaging, brand identity, or app design.


Black & white designs arrive to give a classic look to 2021. Last year, neutrals made their way into the vast ocean of colors, and this year, preferences lean towards colorless compositions.

The absence of color doesn’t imply a design is boring or uninteresting. In fact, black and white is a great way to stand out from the proliferation of colors and the excess of visual stimuli we’re exposed to every day. Plus, it’s a winning combination in terms of elegance and sophistication.

Within Freepik, we’ll see colorless designs applied to UI design, landing pages, and apps, and in many cases combined with large fonts.


Geometric designs use simple, flat shapes full of color to create complex abstract compositions. This trend invites us to come back to the most basic shapes to create meaningful designs.

In an era of excess, we seem to forget that less is sometimes more. It’s precisely this search for simplicity that has made geometric designs increasingly popular in recent years. Moreover, they combine perfectly with other trends, such as 3D designs or retro style, like Memphis.

Abstract and simple geometric compositions full of color will also be part of our 2021.


What happens when you bring together past aesthetics with future ones and apply them to the present? Well, it seems that in 2021 we will take a trip to the past and recover that retro look of trends from the last century.

One of them is retrofuturism, an artistic movement that depicts the future as envisioned in a past time.

This new year brings back the futurism of the ’80s and its elements: neon colors and geometric shapes that transport us to a futuristic past through backgrounds and banners.

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