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Can we forget about using Wix in 2020 ?

If you use Wix platform for business portfolio website be aware that things may change. The famously know global platform officially announced and released a new 2020 WIX X Editor ( not such an original and creative name since Apple used it for iPhone) which has absolutely updated user interface. Two problems - it's not free and it demands skills in CSS coding.

So can we actually use it?

I believe Wix is a great platform for easy editing and creation of a modern and fun web portfolios for startups. You can get a amazing and functional web design without hiring a coder and harming your budget (almost). There are advantages and disadvantages in Wix as any other Drag and Drop web platform. Wix constantly update and release new features such as Corvid in 2019 which didn't get too polplar since it's complicated to use and doesn't provide enough coding options. This year Wix developers released a global update in Wix editor which is name X Editor and already creates a massive fuss inside Wix users who worry if they will possibly can use it for free. This is the official website : https://www.wix.com/editorx.


But the other question is... Do we really need a new Wix Editor in 2020? As Wix developers say Editor X is a completely different editor. If you want a site to have the capabilities of Editor X it must be created with Editor X, as a third editor after ADI and a classic editor we use now. In other words these will be 3 main options to use Wix platform:

Wix ADI will probably continue being automated quick and easy solution for users who just need some generic website quickly put up there. Classic Editor will probably be for regular users who wants simple and easy to use editor without many additional perks. Those two will probably be the cheapest solutions. Editor X will probably be for advanced users and mostly designers. It will cost additionally as it would be the most advanced editor and they will probably include some more advanced perks.

My doubts are that Wix's current editor is already busy and take some time to learn. So is it really helpful to create anew editor since it will require more additional time to learn? Moreover, Wix users who are non familiar with graphic design will find it hard to get used to a new and upgraded interface design.

Few additional inside info on Wix X editor :

  • Editor X will support Corvid and the Business tools Wix provides

  • Editor X will not work with existing sites

  • It probably will be a paid platform

And what will happen to the classic editor? Will it survive its solo future or will it merge and become the editor X itself? Will Wix continue and upgrade both the editors simultaneously or will it have one supreme editor in future?

What's the reason behind that ? In my opinion everything is quite simple. Wix have been trying a new marketing strategy since 2019 when they started providing inside Partner deals and upgraded Wix forms to Ascend ( paid forms). The new editor will provided more updated functions which still can be possibly obtained by a simple code. In my opinion Wix may risk it all by stopping current users who already get lost in Wix templates and elements. There are plenty of alternatives such as WebFlow, SquareSpace and WordPress when you can have a stunning website with an open source and code.

From the other hand, Wix possible is interested in a new target audience of professionals such as UX designers and developers who, for now, ban Wix for a closed border for HTML and JAVA code implying.

Full Wix X Editor to watch :



To sum up we can expect Wix to have three editors - simple, regular and advanced, all targeted for a different audiences. Hopefully in 2020 we will be able to use and adore Wix without additional payment and complicated functionality.