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  • Learn Brand Identity for Your Startup from Squid Game

    Did you watch Squid Game on Netflix at one go? So did us. What astonished us at this a South Korean survival drama television series was a fresh drop of creativity, original screenplay and a professional brand identity. Squid Game is an extraordinary example of a great visual communication design and branding development which can be taken as a base to any startup or business starting point. So what type of brand identity and design components did Squid Game use? These are basics which define the whole product: font, color scheme, logo and icons. Let’s see how your business can serve these steps in order to create a strong design language and a professional and recalling brand identity Font Let’s start with the font as a part of a brand identity. The main thing about it is that it looks diverse from any other font that is usually used in the cinematography. It’s not symmetric which creates boldness and thus you can memorize it well. The font shape matches both Korean and Latin letters and Asian symbols which are very different, and still you can find the resemblance. Another point of font magic is a simple geometric shapes such as a line, square, triangle and a circle which also are defined as separate icons. In general I’d say the font does the main job forming the logo and creating a beautiful strong typography. There are plenty of classic geometric fonts which you can easily download online. The trick was to create a story behind the font and to connect to the brand identity of the product. Color scheme The brand colors of Squid Game are separated by metaphorical meaning. Pink is “bad” and green/blue is “good” - automatically we separate colors by a “black and white” contrast rule which is based by a strong contrast. There’s also yellow color which is mentioned when the topic discussion is wealth and money. Also when the scene covers a positive emotion such as a new day of survival, money winning or a victory triumph the frame is exposed in a warm color pallet. Otherwise when it's about a fight, a death colors are in a cool tone. These are psychological trick used in cinematography which are easy to apply to your brand line and identity. Think what feeling your brand or a product or a service provides and how it's associated with your potential customers. Let's check main color pallets by themes: The Squid Game henchmen are dressed in pink – a color that traditionally represents mildness and childhood, but which also evokes feelings of tension and anxiety. Similarly, the blue/green tracksuits worn by players are casualwear playing into the natural irony of the game’s contrast. Blue / green means a person, pink means a system same way as pink means death and green means life. To see the formula behind the colors let’s get back to the color wheel. The colors used for the branding are complimentary. In other words they are opposite each other in a color scheme. In this case, opposites attract. This particular color scheme draws from two colors on the opposite side of the color wheel. The effect is a high-contrast color combo that’s that pops. Complementary color combos tend to be bold, which is why sports teams often use this principle for their colors. There’s an interesting fan theory about color meaning (spoiler here). Logo design Let’s check the colors of the logo: here the dominant color of the logo is pink which addresses us to the “bad guys” side. Pink is a major color player as it dictates the rules. It even has a music theme by the name “Pink Soldiers''. The choice of putting pink in only some parts of the log also has a meaning – it defines the icons (triangle, square, and circle). Henceforth strong color presence helps organize brand identity of the show in a right way, explains the concept and narrative. Another amazing feature of the logo is that it can be used in every language, for example English, Korean and Russian. How does it work? By using the same linear shapes which are a part of a visual communication and branding. You can do it too with your brand or product by picking a right font which will match a multilingual system. This is a worthy example of how you can use successful collaboration between shapes, colors and typography provides professional logo design in your startup or business when the client (in this case us) will remember your brand. Icons The key of the game are the icons we see everywhere on the show. They are on soldiers helmets, on walls, on a business card, on walls, on logo title. three icons create a repeated series which form a brand identity. Each time we see on of the icons we know that two are thereto follow. This is how you can use it in your bran identity : develop a series of three products, three icons, three illustrations which will be based on the same design and thus will be remembered automatically. They are small hints which serve the story perfectly and keep the tension. We never get an explanation about icons meaning, we only know that you can separate by icon solder status. The symbols discern the order of authority of Squid Game workers, which go from circle - the lowest rank - to triangle, the highest rank. By the way the icons are simple geometric forms which are well known in the world of visual design. The creator didn’t look for too complicated icons and it still worked! Why? Because these are the basics which are easy to memorize and to use in branding. Simplicity and minimalism - remember that when you create a logo or an icon. The conclusion Creative thinking and visual communication are the main key of a successful brand identity. The Squid Game is a great example when all the elements work together as one strong and definite visual component that shapes out the story. Be sure to see the color pallet and simple geometric shapes implied in various spectrums of lifestyle brands and tech startups worldwide as a global trend. When your brand identity works it’s so much easier to develop a product line, stylize it and a merch – same happened to Squid Game fan art worldwide and drew attention of famous global artists and fashion brands to collaborate with Netflix’s actors as a part of the show’s success. That can happen to your brand too, just think of a right identity.

  • 3 Ways to Market Your Startup Online on a Budget

    Startups normally have a tighter marketing budget to work with, which makes it harder to compete with well-established businesses. details that the most important benefit of digital marketing for startups is how it can raise awareness. The more people who know about your business, the greater your potential is to make a sell. However, the entrepreneurship blog also mentions that 17% of startups fail because of poor marketing. Fortunately, you don’t need a big budget to create an effective marketing strategy. Here are a few low-budget ideas for marketing your startup digitally: Post on social media accounts Social media is now one of the most common avenues to effectively build a brand and reach a target audience. outlines how 4.48 billion people use social media platforms globally. While Facebook is still king when it comes to its user base, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn are very widely used, alongside newer sites like TikTok. All of these sites are free to use, making them ideal for startups who want to get their brand out there without spending too much on advertising. It is beneficial to create accounts on the platforms preferred by your target market, not just on the most popular sites. In order to maximize social media, it’s important to be consistent in your posting to build a loyal following. Do note that the content you provide should be aligned with your brand’s personality and provide value to your followers — don't post just to sell. Utilize Google My Business You’ve probably already experienced searching for a particular product or service on Google, and being presented with suggestions as to where you can get it. Your business can do this too by utilizing Google My Business, which is a free tool to promote your business profile and website on Google Search and Maps. An article on finance site notes that setting up a Google My Business page will help your business become more visible in search results. This is a budget friendly way to drive traffic to your site. Potential customers must also be able to get information, such as company contact details, business hours, and location. To claim and verify your business, create Google Account for your business and make a business profile, which includes adding your business to Google Maps. Then, sign up for a Google My Business account using your business’s Google Account. You can then request to claim your Business Profile to verify your ownership of the business. Google My Business is a simple tool that easily attracts potential customers. Publish dedicated blogs for your business Making a blog is a great way to make content a regular part of your marketing campaign. You can use blogging to drive more traffic to your website and increase user engagement. It’s also a way to establish authority in your field and build consumer trust. If your business is in the fashion industry, for example, you can talk about trends, give fashion tips, or definitively answer questions from your followers. A blog also gives you a supply of sharable content to your other platforms. If you already have an existing business website, blogging services like Squarespace, Wix, and WordPress let you integrate the blog directly onto your site. While design is important, here at we believe that your site should also be functional and responsive in order to give your site visitors the best experience. Similar to your social media content, you should post regularly, and the content you provide should be relevant to your audience. Digital marketing gives startups opportunities to promote their business through various ways, from social media to search engines. If planned correctly, your affordable digital marketing strategy can effectively help you create a pool of potential customers. Check out more articles for startup branding and design process here

  • Five powerful “ingredients” for best pitch presentations

    The “recipe” for a cool pitch consists of five ingredients. Let's figure out how to "cook" it. Investors come to accelerator meetup events not for fun, but to find new heroes in which they will believe. Let's put it ingenuously: you are one of thousandth they listen to. And for the convenience of perceiving information about different projects, psychologically it’s comfortable to create a “template” to receive the explanation of projects. Your purpose it to get out of the template. What should be the structure of the pitch? Introduction: information about the project (what are you doing?) Problem: Whose pain are you relieving, what are you improving? Product: Describe three key features of the product or describe it in a “how it works” style Market: what is the size of the market? what share are you claiming? Business model: how do you plan to make a profit (commission, subscription...More questions for pitch structure >> Ingredient # 2: design Today investors are more and more selective and demanding. Both to the level of performances and to the design of presentations. Decide on the type of visual presentation you wish to base on That is, the speaker with slides in the “many letters” style is seen by the viewer as old-fashioned and obviously loses points. There is a communicative image (as we say), and there is a visual image (as we look). The slides behind the speaker are part of the visual image: both the microphone is needed to amplify the voice, and the presentation is to enhance the material. Hire a professional visual communication designer for your pitch deck presentation >>> Ingredient # 3: Chips and Hooks We are fighting for attention, we are fighting against thoughts about household chores: that we need to register a child for a dance, order a courier tomorrow ... All this lives in the mind of the viewer when he is bored. What to do? Look for "chips" and come up with hooks to "grab" the audience's attention. Otherwise, you will be just another founder who said something there and showed beautiful pictures. Use more creativity, wow statistics, small jokes, fun facts, personal stories (not necessarily success, you can fail) or props. All this enlivens the course of the event, and the speaker gets a portion of extra points (if, of course, everything is "on topic"). Ingredient # 4: intelligible and expressive speech Slow down and take a closer look: if you are often asked again, if you are asked to speak more slowly, if investors move closer in dialogue, then these are signals that we are “chewing” something or your speech is monotonous - there is nothing worse than a speaker at the same volume and one pace speaker. He just puts the audience to sleep. Ingredient # 5: Explaining This is perhaps one of the most difficult skills. One startup speaker once shared a brilliant self-pitching life hack at a training session. He trains his pitches on the subway, right in the train. During the trip, he pretends that he is talking on the phone with the interlocutor, but his gaze is directed at the passengers standing next to or sitting opposite. This hack helps to develop several trick which provides the ability to talk about your project and make it clear, polish phrases and successful remarks, memorize the text, the skill to "look" at people. Best pitch deck design for startups and tech brands. Contact for more details >>

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  • | About Us | Bespoke Branding for Startups

    About Liftofff is a boutique design agency founded in 2018 by Visual Communication Designer Anna Sinitsa based in Tel Aviv with an extensive background in product design, marketing design and art direction. Anna collaborates with a team of UI UX designers, content writers, illustrators and developers. At we love to MIX & MATCH our skills in marketing design, creative thinking, tech knowledge and artistic vision. ​ Our Goal: Is to create a valuable and effective design content, which assist your startup reach potential investors and clients. We gracefully serve any request for design services for B2B, B2G and B2C businesses and single entrepreneurs. See our projects >> ​ Our Services: gives a professional solution to reach your business goals by providing professional marketing design , animated logo , UI UX , pitch presentations and illustrations, deep research on investors and the target audience. We utilize psychological aspects and the latest marketing trends to attract venture capital investors and potential customers. ​ See our service list >> ​ Our Clients: Startups on different stages, IT companies, ecommerce shops and lifestyle brands and brands from all around the globe. Moreover we provide design services for lifestyle brands. No matter where you are located, is here to power your idea​. ​ Book a Meeting >> ABOUT LIFTOFFF Design Agency What Our Clients Are Saying Anna is a very professional designer - she helped us understand our needs better, adhere to the tight schedule we had with the project and eventually produce a great design. Plus she's very nice :) We will definitely work with her again on future projects!. ​ Harel Saporta, Optival CEO Anna is service orientation and has a very high professional level. She was available and responsive to all the changes we requested. I am very pleased with the result and meeting the schedule. ​ Haya Anuka, Marcom Director THE PROCESS The Launch 1 Got a startup idea but don't know how to start with? You're in a right place with true professionals who provide bespoke design services for affordable rates! Browse our services. ​ Firstly kindly explain in a few words your request by sending us a note . ​ We will get in touch in less than 24 hours and provide a suggested work plan plus an affordable quote that will match any budget. Browse Our Services 2 The Flight After we set up the work frame , payments and deadlines will concentrate on productive research including best target audience, investor interests and competitors examples. We start the design process by creating original concepts and sketches. We will go through a number of steps to best understand your business, your goals and your general taste in design Our Clients 3 The Landing Revise sketches, ping pong with us, give your notes and approve the final result! ​ The moment you approve our design we will send you ready-to-go files in a few formats and update everything needed for progress! ​ After finalizing the payment process we send the ready-to-go files which you will use for your startup promotion and marketing goals. ​ Start Your Project

  • | Bespoke Branding for Startups

    ​​GET READY FOR LIFTOFFF DESIGN AGENCY Arrange a Meeting A boutique design agency for B2B B2C startups and e-Commerce brands Liftofff design agency provides unquestionably valuable marketing design, UI UX product and branding for various types of industries DataTech HealthTech BioTech FinTech SecurityTech FoodTech Out of gallery What We Offer Product Design: UX UI Design Mobile Apps & Web Design Web Development on Wix Web Development on WordPress Figma Custom Designs Adobe XD Custom Designs Marketing Design and Branding: Banner Design for Social Media Logo Design Branding & Visual Identity Presentation Design Pitch Deck Design Brochures, Flyers and Catalogues Our Customers: e-Commerce & Lifestyle Brands Saas startups IT Corporates Tech Brands Private Entrepreneurs Our Services Happy Customers List We’ve worked with B2B and B2C brands from global technology companies to fast growing startups in the UK, US, Israel and Europe All Reccomendations

  • UI UX Design | Motion Static Logo & Brand Identity |

    Tailor-Made Design That Will LiftOfff Your Startup Value Full website design & development Attract investors and customers from all around the globe using an informative business website. Our work includes professional UI UX, sitemap, Call To Action layout, commercial content, responsive animation and other fancy titles. ​ We are an official Wix Partner but we're cool WordPress as well! ​ Learn More >> Pitch Decks Presentation Communicate faster with investor and potential clients using visual representations of information you want to share. Attract Investors Around the Globe today! Learn More >> Motion / Static Logo & Name Developemnt Give yours tartup a major liftoff with a professional name, domain and logo design. Help your tech brand grow by creating a modern brand identity and a corporate look ​ Learn More >> Marketing Design Promote your startup goals using marketing design for web and print such as brochures and newsletters, banner design, catalogs and icons. ​ Our work includes almost any type of print and web design design content. View Gallery Label and Packaging Design The "packaging" strategic allows to create highly effective communication via your physical product. Get out of the box and into the package View Gallery

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