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    • The 5 Best States for Start-ups in a Post-Pandemic World

      The year 2021 seems to be looking up for the U.S. Experts forecast that up to half of the American population will have been vaccinated by June 2021, while another 30% may have already gained natural immunity through infection last year. This isn’t to say that things will go back to normal anytime soon — or ever, for that matter. And that doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing, as there are still plenty of opportunities to build anew and thrive. There are, after all, plenty of potential business opportunities for individuals looking to build start-ups in a post-pandemic America. But where exactly should you plant your new business? We’ve narrowed down the list of options for you. California California is home to around 4.1 million small businesses, according to the US Small Business Administration. It’s no surprise, then, that the California government has been conscientious in keeping this sector afloat through multiple loans and stimulus checks disbursed over the course of the pandemic. In fact, the California Office of the Small Business Advocate just last month opened grant applications for small businesses greatly affected by COVID-19. With such a safety net, new business owners could consider California as a potential base of operations. Start-up costs for limited liability companies in the state range from $90 to $115, with optional fees for expediting the process. Vermont Vermont is a stellar example of good COVID-19 response, despite the odds seemingly stacked against it. It's bordered by some of the worst-hit states, including New York, and around a third of its population is composed of vulnerable, elderly folk. Yet Vermont ranks among the US states with the lowest death, hospital, and positive testing rates, making it prime real estate for those looking to open a business this year. Apart from its debt relief programs and economic recovery grants, the Vermont government also offers free technical assistance — including advice on post-pandemic business operations — from experts to help small businesses get back on their feet. Establishing an LLC in Vermont costs about $125, but permits or licenses may require you to pay more fees. Texas Texas has a robust support system of programs for those affected by COVID-19. Aside from assistance from the federal government via the CARES act, some Texan cities such as Fort Worth have partnered with private companies like eBay and Google to provide assistance to small businesses in need of aid. Thankfully, starting an LLC in Texas is pretty simple too, as you can complete your application online through the Secretary of State's website, SOSDirect. Here, you can reserve and register your business name and file your Certificate of Formation easily, though the fee is a bit higher at $300. Florida Like other states, Florida provides financial assistance to affected individuals. A particularly noteworthy detail is that Florida specifically offers loans for black-owned small businesses in the state, supplying them with funds and short-term technical assistance amidst the health crisis. Additionally, because of frequent typhoons battering the state, Florida has developed a virtual school program, which came in handy when the pandemic hit and everyone was eventually forced to move their activities online. For those looking to start a tech-based business, this may prove useful as Floridians have shown themselves prepared to utilize new technologies and innovations to welcome the new normal. LLC registration in Florida is fairly affordable, and can be done both in person or online at around $125. Washington Unlike other densely populated areas in the country, Washington state is proof that large urban centers can effectively stave off COVID-19 through quick and efficient decision-making. Experts lauded the state's extensive use of data sharing, which is evident even now in its COVID-19 recovery dashboard. This is available on the Washington government website, where recovery resources for small business owners can likewise be found. Registering a business in Washington state can be done by mail or online, and will set you back by anywhere between $190 and $230, depending on your method of filing. Once you’ve decided on your start-up’s location, the next order of business is to create a brand and logo for your marketing strategy. Luckily, our remote team here at LiftOfff has your back for that.

    • Covid-19 Crisis and Startup Investors

      A silently waiting out the crisis is not the best solution for any ongoing startup. On the contrary: you need to talk and communicate openly. After all, you yourself, your investors and partners have not gone anywhere. There are different types of funds and private investors. Given the crisis situation, many of them may tighten investment criteria or stop investing altogether - but investors will never say so out loud. So, you will never know about it and will continue to waste time on meetings in vain. For startups, as never before, it is important to closely monitor the experience of funds in order to increase their chances of a successful transaction. Study investor deals over the past couple of years Pay attention to how many public transactions investment funds have over the past year. Ask for feedback from startups in which this fund has invested previously. Examine the profiles of the fund itself and the partners of this fund on social networks. Active investors write a lot about the startup industry, brag about deals, negotiations and online meetups. Find out where the funds are financed in order to correctly evaluate your chances. You can save a lot of time if you take into account the source of investor funds and communicate only with those who are really ready to invest money. For example, family offices (the type of family funds and “pocket” funds in companies) usually invest from the operating income of their core businesses. If these businesses were hit by the crisis, then they themselves will need the money and then new investments in startups may temporarily stop. It’s better to immediately ask again if such a fund is ready to invest in the next month or two or whether they get to know you “for the future”. Angel Investor The same goes for private investors since very often they are the founders of large companies and successful businesses. Their funds are dividends and bonuses, and the investment process is their expensive hobby. If their main business is covered by a wave of crisis, then there will be absolutely no time and money for a hobby. Angels will continue to invest, but expect smaller rounds, at lower valuation, in companies that don’t require large amounts of cash. Venture capital funds Classic venture capital funds (VC) are usually structured so that they collect a certain amount of money that they invest for several years. Due to different situations, such funds can change the number of investments per year, but they rarely stop investments altogether. This is one of the most reliable partners among the above. Look for alternative ways Here and now many traditional methods to search for investors are not available. An alternative is to try to reach investors more often through their portfolio companies. An alternative is to try to reach investors more often through their portfolio companies. Startups are often ready to support promising market colleagues and organize an online meetup with a fund company only if you have something to offer their investor. It can be any idea especially relevant in time of pandemic such as a new vaccine or toilet paper detector map. Anything goes since the world is open for new ways of survival. Start with forming a business goal and strategy. Then create a professional informative website, 10 pages pitch deck. Write down what you are doing, what results you have already achieved, who you want to get to know, and why you think that this investor may be interested to get to know you. Always give an ongoing example and successful result using infographic language which is a shortest ways for any business to explain the idea. Protect your startup from risks A lot of news comes about the thousands of affected businesses whose employees got #coronavirus. The governments of these countries already promise tax incentives by the end of the year and almost interest-free loans for business recovery. But, to be honest, it will be much better for your company if all your employees remain healthy, learn how to work remotely efficiently and continue to grow. Your potential investors are thinking the same thing. If the key people in your team get sick, this can jeopardize the growth of your company, which means that the investor’s money will be at risk. Take care of the health of yourself and your team to increase the chances of attracting investments this year. Focus on revenue growth For various reasons, the number of investors in the world will decrease slightly and competition for investor money will increase. Those investors who remain in the market will have the opportunity to choose the best of the best. Therefore, your business performance will come to the fore even more than before. Many offline companies and events will suspend advertising and activity, which will lead to a decrease in the average cost per click on an ad. For some, this will be a good opportunity to improve the most desirable metrics among investors - lower the cost of user acquisition (CAC), increase monthly income (MRR, for example) and income per user (ARPU and LTV), improve weekly growth (retention rate and week- to-week growth). Analysis of metrics is also a good reason to reconsider what is really worth concentrating on now and what is simply stealing your resources. Be that as it may, now it is important to maintain positive thinking, continue to develop and remember: any crisis is good because it forces you to make innovative decisions and see opportunities instead of risks.

    • 5 Best Industries for Startup Ideas in a Time of Coronavirus

      It looks like #coronavirus inspires people to develop creativity and suggest new concepts for humanity to survive. In time when the global economy collapses and world leader companies such as Amazon, Google and Facebook lose billions it’s a perfect phase for minor startups to spread their wings and get noticed by investors and potential clients worldwide. The demand on rising startups is increasing as potential investors and found raisers look for new innovative B2C services and products to cure the infection. All you need to do is to adapt to the situation and accept it. The world has changed already, and it won’t be the same since most big brands and companies will revise the fundamental business process and structure. It may sound funny but angel investors will revise where to invest their funds and which startups will provide more profit. As an independent entrepreneur you have an amazing opportunity to check the best possibility for your patent or services right now. So which industries are best for a new startup to grow while #COVID-19 dominating the world? In the list provided below I give 5 examples of great industries you as a new entrepreneur or an expert should start to think of in order to successfully promote your idea. It also means that you need to think big not only about yourself but also about humankind. Just think how to benefit isolated people the easiest way or what kind of services and inventions do you need while you are isolated or infected? BioTechnology and BioScience Announcing the start of the#coronavirus pandemic is leading to investor enthusiasm for companies that are developing a virus vaccine. Humanity is turning to artificial intelligence to speed up their drug-discovery efforts and biotech startups such as a biotech company Gilead Sciences are on fire right now. The world is praying for a medical treatment against a potential apocalypse, and the resolution can be provided by a team of genius specialists. You don’t need to be a professional doctor, but you need certain information and management to hire a skilled team of scientists and give you best to research the virus.Startup investors are ready to put billions for any promising pharmaceutical startup which will provide a vaccine. Startups began testing new medical products which promise to fix health issues. To counter this threat, the U.S. pharmaceutical industry is working closely with U.S. government agencies, the World Health Organization and governments around the world to identify their most persistent needs in the areas of immunization, diagnostics and other treatments. Pandemic example: Think of a productive and innovative B2C service or a medical product which possibly can gain an enormous popularity worldwide. Remember that by developing a new vaccine or a health product you save the whole civilization of a catastrophe! Fashion and Lifestyle Fashion always adapts to any major worldwide crisis /event such as a word war or first flight to the moon. Yes, the main subject of discussion is a medical mask which already got creative usage in different variations and styles, and became a funny wide-reaching meme. No need to be a fashion designer or visit Fashion Weeks, it’s enough to use your creativity and imagination. Draw a few sketches, create a few mockups, get a logo designed to name the brand. Post it on social media and send it as an online pitch deck presentation. Now that so many angel investors are waiting for a new design and fashion trend to change the world, they will be happy to hear about your idea. Fashion bloggers and nail artists from around the world publish varieties of nail art with prints in the style of Covid-19, drawing on the nails images of the virus. At the Paris Fashion Week in February, models appeared on the catwalk wearing protective masks. Respirators on mannequins fully corresponded to the style of dresses, cloaks and hats, which they showed in the collections Autumn-Winter 2020. Pandemic example: Think of innovative trends and useful manufactured materials, new cloths design such as a scarf made of material that reminds of a toilet paper or an addition function that you can bring to current fashion style. Fintech One of the basic protective measures for fighting Coronavirus is not to touch any object or a surface and wash your hands every 20 minutes. Cash is not in trend any longer. Humanity was on its way to leave common banking, and now it’s certainly happening. Consequently it is a perfect start for any #fintech startup to shine and liftoff! Banks are suffering sufficiently, stocks are falling. More and more people choose to send and receive payment using one simple click or a tap. No need to touch “dirty money”, no need to carry a heavy purse and forget coins in your pockets. New players asPayoneer, Revolut and TransferWise became strong competitors to our friend PayPal. Less fees, more simplicity, new innovation and fast support- that’s a perfect start. Pandemic example: As an entrepreneur you can add a creative correction to a current online payment or develop a new startup idea which will not involve any physical contact. The humankind will be grateful, the investors will be happy to raise the funds and you will be proud of your discovery.Hire a designer, create a tech logo and an informative website onWixorWordPress platform which will explain in a few pages your main goal. Insuretech and P2P insurance Capital market solutions for pandemic risk continue to evolve. #InsureTech is a young technology industry focused on developing insurance IT solutions. It can be both consumer services and tools for the work. People are accustomed to insuring only expensive acquisitions: real estate, cars, art objects. However, modern technology allows you to protect documents, keys, small gadgets. This sphere is only developing, but in a few years such protection will become a habitual phenomenon. In terms of pandemic it’s a perfect solution to insure not only your life, but every small step of your day. Now that stocks a crashing commonwealth loses its significance it’s time to insure yourself. Therefore it gives a great basis for new concepts and original idea investments. One of the best #Insuretech examples is the famous peer-to-peer insurance example is the Israeli-American Lemonade, founded by former SanDisk top manager Daniel Schreiber and co-founder Fiverr Shai Wininger. The service works on a subscription basis, insurance payments are formed from the contributions of the users themselves. Pandemic example: A mobile app which connects you to most popular insurance companies worldwide in a few clicks. Robo Advisors, Big Data and ML Hysteria with #coronavirus has not yet been played out to the end. The best way to track the spread of a terrifying virus is collecting data from any possible source. Also AI and machine learning-based robot advisers take on routine tasks: advising clients on the most common issues, selecting solutions, and paperwork. According to the EIU research, about 60% of all organizations they surveyed already use data to generate profit. More than 80% uses data to improve their goods and services. Artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data analysis are the most obvious ways to improve the pandemic situation. Big data helps scientists better understand the source of the virus and to find a solution to treat it based on the collected data. The demand on data startups is so high any investor will be glad to take a look at your PPT presentation without a doubt. Just make sure you have an impressive web portfolio and a marketing design provided during an online pitch deck. Pandemic example: A mobile app that collects any flu symptoms and shows your chances to be infected. Or an interactive map that allows you to track#coronavirus infection growth or reduction by one simple click. What about raising funds? It’s another question many startups worry about. Everything is possible precisely these days when so many investors look for new opportunities and new ideas to explode the market. Save your budget and time, and contact investors online. Spend your funds to a professional marketing design instead of spending it on expensive conferences and meetup tickets. Yes, the world uses the internet as wildly as never before since companies start to hire remote workers and the communication is held via online calls on Zoom and Skype. Generate ground-breaking products services, and eventual find a cure for COVID-19 disease! Our thoughts are based on an analysis of the company's business and the personal experience of our investors, but remember: it is not a fact that the investment idea will work as we expect. All we write is forecasts and hypotheses, not a call to action. Relying on our thoughts or not is up to you. Images by

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      פיתוח ועיצוב לוגו אישי ​ פיתוח לוגו מקצועי לסטארטאפים, חנויות איקומרס ועסקים שונים כולל עיצוב אישי, פיתוח שפה גרפית, מספר קונספטים וסקיצות יחד עם שליחת קבצים וקטורים לעריכה עצמי! ​ עיצוב לוגו שלנו אישי לגמרי. העבודה כוללת : 3 סקיצות על בסיס רפרנס וחשיבה יצירתית מקצועית עד 2 סיבובי תיקונים רקע שקוף / לבן / צבעוני הדמיה מרשימה קובץ וקטורי PDF וA סגירת קצים בפורמט פרינט ואינרטנט JPG PNG PDF איכות 350 / 72 DPI הכנתה לדפוס צרו קשר להזמנה

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      ​​GET READY FOR LIFT OFFF INTERSTELLAR DESIGN DOWN-TO-EARTH RATES Design with Us We Design For Startups is a digital branding & design agency. We multiple visual design services for tech brands & startups around the globe provides Ai & Data Science SpiritTech BioTech FinTech Cyber & Cloud FoodTech Our Portfolio THE PROCESS 1.The Launch Got a new startup but don't know how to start with? You're in a right place with true professionals who provide bespoke design services for affordable rates! ​ Kindly explain in a few words your request by sending us a message by mail or a contact form. ​ We will get in touch in less than 24 hours and provide an affordable quote that will match your startup budget. 2.The Flight After we set up the work frame , payments and deadlines will concentrate on productive research including best target audience, investor interests and competitors examples. We start the design process by creating original concepts and sketches. There will be a few rounds of revisions until we hit the target with a perfect design vision and marketing promotion for your startup goal. 3.The Landing Revise sketches, give your thoughts and approve the final result! ​ The moment you approve our design we will send you ready-to-go files in a few formats and update everything needed for progress! ​ After finalizing the payment process we send the ready-to-go files which you will use for your startup promotion and marketing goals. design agency saves Hiring a remote 50% of your budget and time Design with Us

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