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  • Startup Team-Building Activities That Teach Vital Skills

    When you’re building up your startup team, the most important thing is to hire the right people. There are essential roles you need to fill, and it’s important to do so with candidates who are not only qualified , but who also fit in with the kind of company you want to build. Even if that breaks down to an idea as general as hiring energetic self-starters who value creativity and ambition, it’s important to stick to a general team-building plan. Even if you do an impeccable job of hiring your initial startup team though, you’ll need to work to bond and grow together as a group. Much of this process will happen naturally on the job; striving to get a company off the ground can be stressful, but it can also strengthen relationships fairly organically. At some point though, you’ll likely want to consider looking into some specific team-building activities as well. This is where a lot of business leaders fall short, or take a lazy approach. The typical, cliché team- building options tend to be stale, unexciting, and often ineffective. But we have a simple suggestion that will help startup founders and other company leaders to get around this issue: Seek out team-building activities that are also mean to teach vital skills that will help in the workplace. When you focus on this kind of effort, you’re likely to come up with more substantial and constructive ideas. We also have a few suggestions that may help get you started. Escape Rooms Escape rooms have been all the rage for several years now, to the point that they can rightly be called some of the fastest-growing forms of recreation in the United States. According to one pre-pandemic look at the rise of escape rooms in fact, the number of facilities in this category grew from 22 in 2014 to just under 2,000 by the summer of 2017. The number continued to grow from there, and though the escape room industry essentially had to pause in 2020 — like most everything else — there’s no reason to believe the sensation won’t simply resume. All of that indicates that escape room outings will be popular options among employees. Most everyone can find a way to enjoy this sort of experience, and that simple factor — enjoyment — can make for effective team-building. In addition to giving the team something fun to do together though, escape rooms also demand teamwork. By nature, they force people to work together, combine intellects, and conduct team problem solving. So by visiting one of these facilities now and then, you’re not just building a team socially. You’re also helping the group to really practice teamwork together. Poker Nights Poker may not be an activity everyone on the team is interested in initially. But it’s easy enough to pick up, and it makes for a fun group activity provided no one’s taking it too seriously. Setting up a game once or twice a week quickly helps to foster a sense of shared experience and camaraderie. Yes, the game involves direct competition against one another (whereas escape rooms are all about teamwork), but there’s value in simply sitting down together to play a game. As to why we’d pick this game instead of, say, Monopoly or Clue, it simply boils down to the fact that there are individual benefits as well. It’s commonly acknowledged that there are skills to be learned from poker, and they just so happen to be excellent skills for people in budding startups to learn! The game demands resilience and a positive outlook, and teaches people to learn from their own mistakes — all things that can translate well to a working environment. Perhaps best of all though, poker teaches the value of emotional intelligence. Players quickly come to understand that the emotional highs and lows of the game are fleeting, and that each new hand — like each new task at work — should be approached with calm and a level head. Pub Trivia Pub trivia may actually be the trendiest suggestion on our list, once the pandemic is behind us. We say this because in the past year there have been numerous stories written about employers turning to trivia as a means of getting their teams to socialize and bond over distance. Zoom and other programs made it easy for teams to organize and compete in trivia competitions, and at the height of the pandemic this really represented one of the few opportunities for social connection a lot of people had! This could well lead to a wave of enthusiasm for real-world trivia events, which clearly make for excellent team bonding experiences. However, trivia also builds important skills, almost like a combination of the two suggestions listed above. Like escape rooms, trivia forces team members to work together to find answers, or hash out quick arguments about competing answers. And like poker, a good trivia game teaches participants to get over losses, learn from mistakes, and compete with a constructive, rational approach. All of these skills can come in handy for teams and individuals alike.

  • Four Essential People You Need to Hire for Your Startup

    Venturing into the startup world certainly isn't easy. According to Investopedia, roughly 90% of all startups fail for varying reasons. Some end up closing due to lack of funding, while others get outpaced by the competition. Another major consideration is not having the right team. This is especially true for startups, where each employee can have a huge impact on business operations. If you don't want to fall into the statistics of failed startups, here are some essential people you need to hire. Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Money is the lifeblood of any business, so it's only natural to hire someone to manage your startup's finances. This is the role of the CFO. Typically armed with a degree in accounting or finance , the CFO tracks the company's cash flow, oversees financial planning, and ensures you have enough funds to continue operating. In the early stages of your startup, the CFO might also be in charge of securing funding from sponsors or banks. But more than just crunching the numbers, modern CFOs are expected to be thought leaders within the company — crafting key strategies and pushing for financial discipline to create shareholder value. Operations Manager No matter how big or small, the key to any startup are its operations. Because of this, it's no wonder that operations managers are one of the most in-demand careers in business administration today. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics puts employment for this job at 2.19 million — a significant portion of the 7 million management personnel working today. These professionals serve as the backbone of your company's activities. They manage employee workflow, work with the CFO to oversee budgets, and create policies to guide other departments within their organizations. What’s more is that their skills ensure they can fit into any type of startup — be it high-tech organizations or public service providers. This makes the operations manager a versatile and essential hire for your startup. ​ Marketing director Today’s society has become highly media-saturated. To grab customers’ attention, you need someone to cut through all the clutter and noise — which is a job for your marketing director. The marketing director is tasked with creating and executing effective marketing campaigns to build engagement and name recognition for your brand. It's a job that requires one to wear many hats — from market researcher and data analyst to public relations manager and company liaison. As such, you’ll need someone who can handle both creative and executive work to fill in the position. Product developer Companies need to innovate their products and services to gain an edge over their competitors. One way to optimize this process is by hiring a product developer. A product developer drafts proposals to either enhance an existing product or create a new one altogether. They base their ideas on both market research and company constraints, like budget and manufacturing capacity. In terms of background, product developers usually have experience with jobs in engineering or industrial design , combining both technical knowledge and business expertise to provide value for your startup. It’s a vital role to fill to keep your company relevant as it scales. There’s more to running a business than just grit and passion. You also need to have a winning team — people with the right skills and values — in order to grow your startup beyond its founding members. Prepared by R. Flakes for

  • Visual Design Tendencies in 2021

    What to should we expect in 2021 when it comes to visual tendencies? Concepts like remote work and social distancing are be a big part of the trends. Also 2021’s most popular visuals graphics will be highly influenced by the retro illustrations, the new technological advances, and humans’ consciousness towards nature. We’ll see how technological development meets the retro aesthetics to create courageous and memorable designs. 3D Design 3D started design to gain popularity a few years ago, and this year they’ve become a major trend. Technological advances have encouraged the emergence of innovative techniques that make it possible to create high-quality 3D spaces. Most 3D compositions feature colorful and geometric shapes that challenge designers’ creativity to create impossible scenarios where styles from the past join the newest trends. Flat Cartoon Cartoon designs add a playful look to 2021. Cartoons are multifunctional and provide designers with a vast scope for creativity. This trend is reminiscent of the cartoon style of the ‘20s, which means that retro-vintage cartoons seem to be all the rage these days. It opposes somehow the minimalistic and clean compositions of technology-driven techniques, like graphic design. The cartoon style is playful and entertaining, letting the user have fun. Since they are fun and original compositions, they work very well in packaging, brand identity, or app design. Colorless Black & white designs arrive to give a classic look to 2021. Last year, neutrals made their way into the vast ocean of colors, and this year, preferences lean towards colorless compositions. The absence of color doesn’t imply a design is boring or uninteresting. In fact, black and white is a great way to stand out from the proliferation of colors and the excess of visual stimuli we’re exposed to every day. Plus, it’s a winning combination in terms of elegance and sophistication. Within Freepik, we’ll see colorless designs applied to UI design, landing pages, and apps, and in many cases combined with large fonts. Geometric Geometric designs use simple, flat shapes full of color to create complex abstract compositions. This trend invites us to come back to the most basic shapes to create meaningful designs. In an era of excess, we seem to forget that less is sometimes more. It’s precisely this search for simplicity that has made geometric designs increasingly popular in recent years. Moreover, they combine perfectly with other trends, such as 3D designs or retro style, like Memphis. Abstract and simple geometric compositions full of color will also be part of our 2021. Retrofuturism What happens when you bring together past aesthetics with future ones and apply them to the present? Well, it seems that in 2021 we will take a trip to the past and recover that retro look of trends from the last century. One of them is retrofuturism, an artistic movement that depicts the future as envisioned in a past time. This new year brings back the futurism of the ’80s and its elements: neon colors and geometric shapes that transport us to a futuristic past through backgrounds and banners. Images by Texts based on More posts on our page

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  • | Prices and Packs | Reach Out

    liftofff your buisness ​ We create all kinds of graphic design for IT technology and lifestyle . Fill the form to find out more details. No hidden fees! NEW LIFE PACK Impress investors with a eye-catching pitch deck presentation SAVE $800 $900 USD We provide custom design Pitch Deck Presentation based on your branding. ​ custom design, infographic, graphs, icons, stock photo. 20 slides - Editable Power Point or Google Slides + PDF ​ NEW FACE PACK Get a for your startup your investor will fall in love with professional website POPULAR PACK $2900 USD No website no business. It's a fact! ​ website and web we include 5 pixel perfect web pages, responsive mobile version, SEO friendly, Business portfolio create contact form connection, blog connection and UI UX design from scratch. custom ​ NEW BEGINNING PACK Full brand ident ity for your startup. Logo is included ! & strategy SAVE $500 $4900 USD We will detect your main competitors, base the branding strategy on your target market and create most unique brand identity for your startup to shine. ​ Brand Guideline book includes: , Logo design (3 concepts) - png, svg, jpeg, pdf., favicon & socail media files , colour scheme & hierarch, fonts selection & display, business card design letterhead design NEW YOU PACK Start selling your products to the world with e-Commerce website SAVE $800 $5900 USD We create high end professional WordPress and Wix for your brand. eCommerce online store ​ 10 Pages, SEO friendly, UI UX design customization, content upload, responsive mobile version, E-Commerce Functionality, 30 Products * Yearly domain ,hosting, plugins and Premium plans are is not included and are purchased separately Need more info? Reach Out Feel free to contact about a visual representation of your idea $ 500 - $1k $1k - $2.5k $ 2.5k - $4k arrow&v Website e-Commerce Website Logo Design Pitch Deck Presentation Branding arrow&v Thanks for your interest! We will contact you via email >>

  • | Bespoke Branding for Startups

    Back to Top ​​GET READY FOR LIFT OFFF INTERSTELLAR DESIGN DOWN-TO-EARTH RATES Design with Us We design for startups LiftOfff is a bespoke digital branding & design agency. We provide unquestionably valuable design for B2B / B2C Saas companies and tech brands which fits ideas of your startup goals. Data Science SpiritTech BioTech FinTech Cyber & Cloud FoodTech View Our Works OUR PROCESS Of WORK 1 The Launch Got a new idea / startup but don't know how to start with? You're in a right place with true professionals who provide bespoke design services for affordable rates! ​ Firstly kindly explain in a few words your request by sending us a note . ​ We will get in touch in less than 24 hours and provide a suggested work plan plus an affordable quote that will match any budget. 2 The Flight After we set up the work frame , payments and deadlines will concentrate on productive research including best target audience, investor interests and competitors examples. Check our happy clients' feedbacks! We start the design process by creating original concepts and sketches. There will be a few rounds of revisions until we hit the target with a perfect design vision and marketing promotion for your startup goal. About Us 3 The Landing Revise sketches, ping pong with us, give your notes and approve the final result! ​ The moment you approve our design we will send you ready-to-go files in a few formats and update everything needed for progress! ​ After finalizing the payment process we send the ready-to-go files which you will use for your startup promotion and marketing goals. OUR HAPPY CLIENTS LiftOfff redesigned the whole website for our company providing fast and professional solutions and a very professional results . We are 100% pleased and getting tons of compliments for company's website. ​ Colin Kleine, Director We needed a full rebranding for our Smart City startup including logo design, website and brand book. Anna did a professional job, she's a Wix Partner so she guided us with all the details. ​ ​ Adam Corwin, Chief Executive Officer "Great experience working with Liftofff Studio! Anna was very responsive and produced a high quality work product. Would definitely work with Anna again on future projects." ​ David Tibbetts, SEO

  • UI UX Design | Motion Static Logo & Brand Identity |

    What we do for startups Business Portfolio & Websites Attract investors and customers from all around the globe using an informative business website. Our work includes professional UI UX design, Call To Action layout, commercial content, responsive animation and other fancy titles. ​ are an official Wix Partner but we love WordPress as well! ​ ​ See Our Websites >>> Motion / Static Logo & Brand Identity Logo is the face of your business! Help your tech brand grow by creating a modern brand identity and a corporate look ​ Get a New Face >>> Pitch Decks Presentations Communicate faster with investor and potential clients using visual representations of information you want to share in PowerPoint, PDF or motion formats ​ Attract Investors Around the Globe >>> Marketing Design Promote your startup goals using marketing design for web and print such as brochures and newsletters, prospects and banners, catalogs and icons ​ Our work includes almost any type of print and web design design content ​ Get a Professional Look >>> 3D Artwork & Image Rendering Create a customized 3D model of any product you want including realistic texture, lighting and angles to impress your potential costumers and investor ​ Create a new reality >>>

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