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How to Structure a Business Pitch in 9 Steps

The world of fundraising lives by its own rules and etiquette: potential investors now and then ask to show various documents from One Pager to Cap Table. Among them is a pitch deck, in other words, the very PowerPoint presentation that we learned to compose from the sixth grade. True, the slides that flash behind your back, in this case, have a special magic: they can strongly influence the decision to invest in you or not. Finding out which slides must be in a pitch deck and how to compose it?

Taking a frivolous pitch deck and just jabbing keywords on a gray background is a big mistake that can ruin the whole experience. Let's start with the fact that there are pitch decks that you only send by mail, not present, which means that all slides should be clear and without additional explanation. There are also accompanying presentations that complement your pitch and therefore work for your visual image.

What should be the structure of the pitch?

  1. Introduction: information about the project (what are you doing?)

  2. Problem: Whose pain are you relieving, what are you improving?

  3. Product: Describe three key features of the product or describe it in a “how it works” style

  4. Market: what is the size of the market? what share are you claiming?

  5. Business model: how do you plan to make a profit (commission, subscription, direct sales)?

  6. Marketing: channels for attracting customers, partners

  7. Metrics: achievements in key metrics specifically for your project and action plan

  8. Team: not just roles, but the achievements of people and their experience relevant to the current project

  9. Call: your investment need (what do we want and why?).

Your entire pitch deck was aimed not only at making a potential investor interested in your idea, but also to encourage him to invest in your project - and for this, at the end of the presentation, you must briefly and concisely say the very phrase that will not only be remembered, but will become vector of further cooperation with you. That is why take the time and come up with your Call-To-Action - a simple, short and dynamic call for an investor to action, that is, to investment!


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