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About Us


LiftOfff.com is an online design business which provides fully customized visual content for startups and IT companies. LiftOfff.com is founded by Anna Sinitsa, a proficient art director and an advertising designer with a great experience of 8 years in a creative market worldwide. Anna collaborates with a highly educated and talented content writers, illustrators and web developers to create a really unique design products for various startups worldwide.


LiftOfff.com is not only about a good design. The main goal  is to create a valuable and effective design content which will Lift Offf you startup into a new level of sales and promotion. Plus it gives a new solution to reach your startup goal and get investors by a deep research on sales and the target audience, latest marketing trends and psychological aspects that attracts venture capital investors and potential customers.

And the most important your unique idea to make the world different will come to life...

Our Clients:

Our main clients are startups and high-tech companies all around the globe including US, EU, Asia, Australia, Canada and Middle East. No matter where you are located, LiftOfff.com is there to assist to promote your idea on every step.


LiftOfff.com's main idea is in productivity of graphic design as an amazing tools to help sell your product in a fast end effective way.

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  • Liftofff design