Tailor-Made Design That Will LiftOfff Your Startup Value


Attract investors and customers from all around the globe using an informative business website.

Our work includes professional UI UX, sitemap, Call To Action layout, commercial content, responsive animation and other fancy titles.

We are an official Wix Partner but we're cool WordPress as well! ​

LiftOfff Design Agency
Wix partner Anna Sinitsa

Motion / Static Logo & Name Developemnt

Give yours tartup a major liftoff with a professional name, domain and logo design. Help your tech brand grow by creating a modern brand identity and a corporate look

animated logo design
brochure corporate design

Marketing Design

Promote your startup goals using marketing design for web and print such as brochures and newsletters, banner design, catalogs and icons.

Our work includes almost any type of print and web design design content.

The "packaging" strategic allows to create highly effective communication via your physical product. 

Get out of the box and into the package 

Mobile phone package label mock up desig